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What I Feed My 9-Month-Old Baby To Ensure His Good Health

A big hello to all new mothers residing in Watford! My little son is keeping me occupied these days. He is finally nine months old and developing a taste for new flavours. Feeding my son used to be a challenge initially but with trial and numerous errors, I have finally accomplished on my mission to spoonfeed the little picky eater.

If you are a new mother like me and about to start feeding your little one, then I’m sure, today’s blog will give you an insight into feeding solid foods to your baby. When my son was six months old, I tried feeding him store-bought cereals for babies, mashed fruits, and formula. Then when he turned seven months old, I became sceptical because store-bought baby food was costing me a fortune, upon that I somehow doubted the nutritional contents of the cereals. If your baby enjoys store-bought baby food, then continue giving him or her that but my baby did not like it much so I came up with an alternative, i.e, homemade baby food. This is exactly what I feed my nine-month-old little sweetheart to ensure that he stays strong and healthy.

Mashed apples

My baby loves mashed apples. It’s one of his favourites. Mashed apples are good for me too as they are easy to make and my baby does not create any fuss while eating them. I just boil 2 medium-size apples in a saucepan. After boiling them, I peel off their skin and give them a good mash before serving the end dish to my baby.

Chicken stew with veggies

Introducing chicken and veggies to my baby was important. The best way was to feed him chicken and vegetables was through soups and stews. For seasonings, I only use salt, black pepper, and coriander.

Yoghurt with fruits 

He just simply loves it. 🙂


Of course, whole grains need to be fed as they are healthy, so to ensure that my baby gets the goodness of multi-grains, I feed him multigrain porridge every day. Eating multigrain porridge every day can become boring so I shuffle that with oats and almonds porridge, rice porridge, and apricot porridge. I am planning to start rice milk and banana porridge, wish me luck. J

Bone broth

Bone broth is extremely nutritious and I make sure that everyone in my family consumes one small bowl of bone broth regularly. That includes my little son too, he really finds the taste of bone broth refreshing. For seasoning, I add salt, black pepper, a dash of cinnamon powder, fresh lime juice, and coriander leaves.

Do you have a baby who has recently started eating solid foods? Tell me about your experience in the comments section below.

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