5 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Before Inguinal Hernia Surgery

5 Questions You Must Ask Your Doctor Before Inguinal Hernia Surgery

Inguinal hernia can be cured only with the help of hernia surgery. Once you have found a well-renowned doctor in Kolkata for treating your hernia surgery, you should ask everything you wish to know. Here are five questions that you should ask your doctor before inguinal hernia surgery.

How To Recognise That I Really Do Have Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

It is important to make sure that you do have a hernia before the surgery. The most important symptom that will definitely let you know whether you have hernia is a very noticeable bulge. Another most telling sign is muscle strain while doing any kind of heavy physical activity.

When Should I Have Hernia Surgery?

The timing of your hernia surgery depends on the level of your hernia. If it is new and a bulge has not appeared yet, your doctor might advise you against hernia surgery. Once the symptoms of hernia start to interfere with your lifestyle, it is recommended to have a hernia surgery as soon as possible.

What Are The Several Repair Options Of Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

There are several ways to repair a hernia. These include suture where the mesh is not required, mesh repair between the layers of muscle, laparoscopic mesh repair, etc. You should consult with your doctor which type of surgery will suit you the most based on the degree of your hernia. Nowadays, surgeons in Kolkata prefer to place the mesh under the muscle layers rather than in between. Also, they prefer local anaesthesia instead of general anaesthesia.

How Will The Hernia Surgery Recovery Be Like?

Different kinds of hernia repair have different kinds of hernia repair. The least time taken to recover from hernia surgery is if you choose the option of laparoscopic hernia surgery. It needs only a week to recover the most.

Are There Any Risks Of Inguinal Hernia Surgery?

You should always be aware of the risks that come with the inguinal hernia surgery. You should ask your doctor about any kind of chronic pain and the risk of hernia recurrence. Being aware of the risk will help you face them more easily in case they do occur.

If you have been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia by your doctor and he is suggesting you to undergo hernia surgery, don’t hesitate to ask these questions. Always remember that every patient is different so answers to these questions can vary from patient to patient.

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