5 Signs Of Labour That You Should Never Overlook At Any Cost

Childbirth is the end of any pregnancy period. Expecting mothers anticipate for this very day as soon as they get to know of their pregnancy. When you get ultrasound sonography, the sonographer estimates your delivery date after looking at several aspects of your pregnancy (book your final ultrasound scan only from Aylesbury’s best ultrasound baby scan clinic).

Here are some tell-tale signs of labour that you should never ever overlook at any rate.

Sudden change in the energy levels

Most expecting mothers observe a sudden change in their energy levels as soon as they are about to go into labour. A majority of women feel fatigued or tired while there are some women who encountered a sudden burst of energy (also called nesting) just before labour.

Lower back pain 

Back pain is common in menstruating women but did you know that your lower back can hurt even during actual labour? Your lower back pain will come and go during labour.

Desire to urinate

Another sign of labour is an urgent need to urinate. This condition happens when the baby’s head touches the mother’s pelvic region. The baby’s head puts pressure on your bladder, thus causing an urge to urinate often.

White mucus discharge 

Before labour, you might find thick white mucus discharge coming out of your vagina. This is one of the biggest indicators of active labour.

Bloody vaginal discharge 

With thick white creamy vaginal mucus, you might observe bloody discharge or spotting after a while. It is similar to your periods and a sign of labour.


Lightening means your baby’s head has touched your lower pelvic region and is ready to come to this world. Lightening can occur even weeks before labour and therefore should not be considered the only way to determine labour.

Pelvic pain 

This is a very common and obvious sign of labour that most women generally ignore. Before and during labour, you will feel mild to severe pain in your pelvic region.

Breaking of water

Water breaking is a very important and tell-tale sign of active labour. Breaking of water is nothing but the rupturing of the amniotic sac that protects the baby. Your water has broken when you notice symptoms, like wetness and constant yellowish fluid coming out of your vagina.

Immediately call your midwife and hospital when your contractions become intolerable accompanied by the above-mentioned signs and symptoms.

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