Gender In Equality

Gender Inequality In Weight Gain: Know The Biological Reason

Ever noticed, women tend to gain weight more easily than men? The horror!! Gender inequality is here too. Especially when half the population of women try to live their life on salad and men just keep stuffing themselves with all kinds of foods. The number of patients undergoing weight loss surgery consists of women more than men. That sounds quite unfair. But ever wondered why this happens? Take a look.

Mobilize Fat Differently


Biologically, women are prone to putting on weight in hips and thighs whereas men tend to put on weight on belly. When a person tries to lose weight, the belly fat cells are more responsive in releasing its fat than the fat cells present in hips and thighs. For this reason, once a man gains weight he is more able in losing weight quickly than women.

Metabolism Of Fat Is Different

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How fat is used in a women’s body is different than men. They use less fat as energy than men. This is why, it is easy for women to store more fat. Men usually have higher metabolism than women. So, even if you are consistent with your diets and exercises, it will still lead to more weight gain than men.

Men Have A Higher Muscle Mass Than Women


We all know that men have more muscles than women. When you have muscle tissue, it is used more than fat tissue for producing energy. So, men who have more muscles will burn more energy than women with fat. This is also the reason why men can eat a lot more than women and yet not put on weight.

Men And Women Tend To Eat Differently


There is a huge difference in the kinds of foods that women and men likes. Women are more prone to eating dairy nourishments and food sources high in included sugars, while men, in general, eat more meat-based foods. Also, women are more prone to stress eating than men. This leads to depression. After all, women face a lot of pressure from society than men do regarding their weight. This can lead to a lot of stress, the wrong choice in foods, and at the end emotional breakdown.

Women have a lot to worry about. On top of that, if you need to keep worrying about your weight, it can become a punishment. The easiest solution is eat healthily, but eat enough, exercise a lot and live a healthy life. If in case you are suffering from severe obesity, you can try out the third option which is weight loss surgery.

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