Pregnancy: Let’s Know What Cryptic Pregnancy Is All About 

We have heard of normal pregnancy and intrauterine or ectopic pregnancy but only a few of us know of cryptic pregnancy.

So, what is cryptic pregnancy? In a cryptic pregnancy or a stealthy pregnancy, the woman is pregnant is not cognizant of her pregnancy. Sometimes, the woman stays unaware of her pregnancy until labour. Cryptic pregnancy is not like any other pregnancy because these pregnancies do not show common symptoms associated with pregnancy, like morning sickness, weight gain, abdominal swelling (baby bump), and missed periods.

This pregnancy is so unexpected that it can even take a toll on the mother’s emotional and psychological well-being and the baby’s physical and mental development. Normal pregnancy test kits provide no diagnosis for cryptic pregnancies due to low hCG levels in women with cryptic pregnancies.

Causes of cryptic pregnancies

According to various medical researchers, the causes of cryptic pregnancies would be the following:

  • Young age (women in their 20s)

  • Serious mental conditions

  • Drug abuse

  • Recent Pregnancy

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Birth Control pills and devices

  • Low body fat

  • Chronic stress

  • Obesity

Symptoms of cryptic pregnancies

  • Vaginal bleeding, just like a normal menstrual cycle

  • Irregular menstruation

  • Fetal movement in the uterus, often mistaken for indigestion

  • Early labour contractions, often mistaken for menstrual cramps

  • Weight loss or gain

Can an ultrasound scan detect a cryptic pregnancy?

At-home pregnancy test kits and urine test cannot properly detect a cryptic pregnancy. Even early ultrasound scans cannot properly detect cryptic pregnancies. However, after 1/4th weeks of pregnancy, an ultrasound scan can give an insight into a cryptic pregnancy. Know if you have a cryptic or denied pregnancy by getting an ultrasound from Aylesbury’s reputed ultrasound baby scan clinic.

What are the complications associated with cryptic pregnancies?

If you do not know you are pregnant, obviously, you would not take adequate prenatal care to ensure a healthy pregnancy. There are instances of women with cryptic pregnancies smoking cigarettes and consuming alcohol because they never thought themselves to be pregnant. Women with cryptic pregnancies face complications, like hypertension, diabetes, difficult labour, underdeveloped foetus, and even stillborn birth. Most new mothers who had a cryptic pregnancy find it difficult to accept their new child.

How to prevent cryptic pregnancies?

If you are sexually-active and encounter the symptoms related to cryptic pregnancies then visit your OB-GYN and get an ultrasound sonography exam.

Visit a baby scan clinic that uses latest technology and employs skilled sonographers.

To book your next ultrasound appointment, go to Aylesbury’s reputed ultrasound baby scan clinic.

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