What Would-Be Mums In Cardiff Are Doing For A Healthy Pregnancy?

Warm greetings to all to-be-mothers residing in Cardiff! Pregnancy is the time when you have to be very cautious of everything you eat, drink, read, watch, and do. Why would you not do so if it affects your little one’s health and development? Speaking of your little one’s health and development, let me remind you to get regular ultrasound scans from the best ultrasound baby scan clinic in Cardiff. Since having a healthy diet and lifestyle is so important during pregnancy, here’s how expecting mothers living in Cardiff are achieving the same.

Pamela McCain: “This is my second pregnancy and I don’t want to commit the same mistakes of my first pregnancy this time. I was a little careless about my diet during my first pregnancy. I used to eat cupcakes and a lot of chips which I know are not healthy so during my second pregnancy, I have taken an oath to eat nothing but healthy. I cook my meals with less oil and seasonings and have included a lot of fruits, vegetables, poultry, seafood, nuts, and seeds. Apart from cooking, I also try to do some light household chores on my own, like dishwashing, vacuuming, dusting, and giving water to the plants”.

Lucy Mcbride: “Due to COVID-19, I have become more concerned about my health, especially in terms of immunity because a bad immune system will make me more at risk of contracting COVID-19. I have made many changes in my diet, for instance, I now consume 3-4 hardboiled eggs every day and fruits and salads have become an essential part of my daily routine. I also ensure to include red meat in my diet to prevent iron deficiency”.

Sharon Pedemonte: “I believe one needs to follow a healthy lifestyle in spite of everything. However, pregnancy calls for the healthiest lifestyle as your little one’s life is at stake. To make my pregnancy healthiest, I’ve started to abstain from all my unhealthy habits, like sleeping late at night and relying on takeouts. My husband is an excellent cook and during our pregnancy, he is double ensuring that I get healthy homecooked meals. So, yes, I’ve no worries regarding my nutrition”.

Brenda Capstick: “I do whatever a mother needs to do for a healthy pregnancy. I eat healthy, drink healthy, and try to sleep on time. I also take pregnancy multivitamins to ensure that my baby gets all the nutrition she needs. I do not eat outside food at all and that has saved me a significant amount of money”.

So, how are you keeping yourself healthy during pregnancy? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, get exciting baby scan discount offers from Cardiff’s best ultrasound baby scan clinic.

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